Employee Verfication

Employee verification is the process of request received by ex-employees of our clients. We maintain the basic information authorized by all our client's Ex-Employees and processes the request received by other employers for employment verification on behalf of our clients. All the requests received by your team can be redirected to IISERVZ.


Education Verification

Verifying the education history is an imporatant aspect for the Ex employees verification beacuse it can often be inaccurate or incomplete of an applicant. It is mandatory to confirm an applicant’s Education Verification credentials by verifying thier degree, certificates or diploma received genuinely or not to hire right one's.


Database Check

Database Check verifies whether the candidates name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases. Our team matches the name from all these sources to check the data. It helps to give information about the candidate that it may not be found in any public records.

Who We Are..!!

Welcome to “I-Global Check” an online verification portal from IISERVZ. Over the years we are working in background screening services and helping our clients for hiring genuine talent.We mainly work for the EX Employees verification of our clients i.e thier basic information, educational qualification and other databases check to verify thier records.

Hence in our continuing endeavor to serve employer through technology. Our I-Global Check portal helps employer to verify potential employees and claims instantly through this portal. We have exclusive tie up with employer for providing diffrent verifications for their ex-employee through I-Global Check.




Quality Check

Report Writing